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Krates Eye Centers of Chicago is a wonderful place for employment in the medical field. We employ approximately 20 workers who share responsibilities and intermingle between the three office locations of Palos Heights, Orland Park and Oak Lawn. our staff is challenged daily with busy schedules and our large volume of patients. Patients are seen daily with many chronic and emergency-type eye problems. many of our return patients are greeted by the same smiles that saw them 20 years earlier! our employees are a valuable asset to the doctors and their busy lives. they are treated fairly and are greatly respected by our management. we occasionally need to hire additional staff and would welcome your resume to be kept confidentially until a position presents itself. Our success depends greatly on our employees and their mutual respect of our patients. If you have experience working in a physician’s office, or as an Ophthalmic Technician / assistant, send us your resume for review. please submit your resume to our Orland park office. (op office address and ph and fax)