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The word laser stands for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission ofRadiation.” A laser is a concentrated beam of light, created when an electric current passes through a special material. Argon laser utilizes the blue/green wavelength of light to treat many diseases of the eye. The Argon laser is a thermal laser that converts light to heat when it reaches the eye. The heat is used to:

  • seal blood vessels (veins and arteries) that are bleeding or leaking fluids due to medical diseases such as Diabetes or strokes in the eye
  • bond the retina to the back of the eye to seal retinal tears and wall off partial detachments or areas of retinal layer splitting to prevent further advancement requiring surgery.
  • open the eye’s filtration system for glaucoma treatment.
  • create an opening in the iris for treatment of narrow-angle glaucoma.

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