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There are a wide range of diseases that can affect the cornea, which is the front clear dome of the eye. The cornea is normally clear and helps focus light into the eye, working like the front lens of a camera. However, certain conditions such as Fuch’s dystrophy or keratoconus can cause decreased corneal clarity due to swelling or abnormal corneal shape, respectively, leading to diminished vision. Treatment of corneal disease depends on the severity of symptoms. In many mild cases of corneal swelling, treatment consists of therapeutic eye drop medications or observation alone. In more significant cases a corneal transplant can restore the cornea to its natural clarity to improve vision. Please click on the link below or to the right to learn more about corneal transplants. EK/Penetrating Keratoplasty »

Certain other conditions such as epithelial basement membrane dystrophy (EBMD) or poorly healed trauma can lead to breakdowns of the corneal surface, leading to painful erosions or even infections. These can also be treated with topical medications and lubricants when mild, but refractory cases may require a procedure to improve the adhearence of the surface cells to the underlying corneal stroma, reducing the chance of developing another erosion. Learn more about Corneal Disease at »